Our Priorities

In order to achieve our vision of being the recognized leader and knowledge resource for aging services in Kansas, we have developed 6 priorities to get there.  The first three have been designated super priorities.

Financial Sustainability and Stewardship

LeadingAge Kansas will assist members to: 1) obtain adequate Medicaid and Medicare funding, 2) stretch their dollars, 3) develop new sources of funding, and 4) to take proactive steps to address the problem of financial exploitation and asset diversion.

Workforce Growth and Development

LeadingAge Kansas will assist members to position themselves as employers of choice in their communities.We will promote public policy and education/training improvements to address aging services workforce needs.

Create the Next Generation of Aging Services

LeadingAge Kansas will assist members to: succeed in the emerging health reform environment, make additional strides in person-directed care and services; improve outcomes in most challenging aspects of care; diversify services and/or partner for a coordinated spectrum of local service options, and use technology to improve efficiencies and outcomes.

Cultivate Leaders

LeadingAge Kansas and its members will identify and cultivate new leaders. We will be the recognized source for information on emerging aging services issues and practices in the state.

Regulatory Reform and Compliance

LeadingAge Kansas will assist members to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and succeed in the current regulatory oversight system (i.e. survey and enforcement.) At the same time, we will advocate for regulatory modifications and reform in the regulatory oversight environment.

Uphold and Advance the Not-For-Profit Difference

LeadingAge Kansas will assist members to understand and fulfill their not-for-profit roles and responsibilities, and to effectively communicate their distinct contributions as not-for-profits to their constituents, communities and policymakers.